Thunder Road - Fast Cars and Moonshine

A version of Robert Mitchum’s song.

Turn on the radio  by Fast Cars

Taken from our album “Well… you started it!” here is Turn on the radio. The full album is available on iTunes and CD.
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8 Responses to Thunder Road – Fast Cars and Moonshine

  • GuitarGemme says:

    The Second Annual Popcorn Sutton Tribute August 6,2011. Maggie Valley
    Festival Grounds. Maggie Valley,NC!

  • Justin Anderson57 says:

    Hahaha well atleast Tuckers look good hahaha

  • troynov1965 says:

    lol whoever ran shine in a Tucker

  • Stan M says:

    1919 – 1933 PROHIBITION ENDED ? Most of the real traffic occurred with cars
    ending 1933

  • capguncowboy123 says:

    thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it

  • pathfinderdaddy says:

    I’ve been a moonshiner for many a year I’ve spent all me money on whiskey
    and beer I’ll go to some hollow, I’ll set up my still And I’ll make you a
    gallon for a ten shilling bill I’ll go to some hollow in this count-er-y
    Ten gallons of wash I can go on a spree No women to follow, the world is
    all mine I love none so well as I love the moonshine

  • Channah Ussery says:

    Oh WOW!!! I SOOOO remember driving “those roads” in the early ’70’s and
    seeing ALL the friggin’ 1950’s cars that were off the side of the
    road..waaayyyy down there ….crashed!! I must have seen the movie Thunder
    Road in the ’60’s!! Today, here in Jacksonville, Fla., they just caught
    some D.A.s runnin’ ‘shine outta a DAYCARE!!!…jeez……WTH???

  • SONGMKR says:

    YouTube search GInny McAfee Ode to Popcorn Sutton. TYVM and I hope
    capguncowboy doesn’t mind my post. Good video sir!


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