I took a couple videos of some friends cars on KCIR’s last day.
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5 Responses to KCIR’s last days. 9 second Dodge Viper. Wheelies. Fast cars and more

  • meangreen69Nova says:

    To anyone who is wondering, KCIR was shut down because after the track was
    opened in May of ’67, the surrounding land was sold cheap, homeowners
    bought it up and built houses there first without looking into why the land
    was so cheap, so they spent the next 40 years bitching to city hall, then
    enter the MO senate woman (McCaskill) who also bought land next to the
    track, plus her friend (Kemper) did the same thing, then Circo lied about
    the whole thing to Mayor Sly who bought the lies.

  • NHRAFREAK1 says:

    that sucks that kcir got shut down i wounder why??

  • B,Cam Driver says:

    does ANYONE Have videos of 9-11-2011 highschool drags . I Thank the HotRod
    Gods and Unkle Eric everyDay That My Boy, “Race A.Driver” Got to Run
    His/our 95 Z28 only being barely fifteen. And again on Nov.6 . since Him &
    Harley, literally grew up at the track That is only Memories Now. Any pics
    or Videos Vamp or Otherwise Greatly appreciated. “BowTies4Life!”

  • bigstevephotos says:

    Great! These were from the 12th, right? I have some videos from yesterday
    which was the official last day that I’m uploading too. I don’t know if you
    have to click on my name to see them or what. I wasn’t able to make it the
    12th but two friends of mine did and told me almost all the cars were 12
    seconds or better. Yesterday was calm compared to that

  • 87gn says:

    I’ve heard the EPA wants to make them rebuild the soil due to the
    contamination The EPA needs to make them pay and clean that place up.


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