I love sports cars This one is american sports cars my next one will be Eropean sports cars.
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Sports cars cebu philippines.

13 Responses to All american american sports cars

  • Xander Kresh says:

    they should of made a new firebird model but Pontiac shut down because gm
    went bankrupt

  • TheTedscamaro says:

    non european

  • metalmariox100 says:

    The first one and the one at 1:28 were just beautiful, the one at 0:45
    reminds me of “Back to the Future” lol The yellow at 2:10 was also awesome.
    Just makes me angry though that I’ll probably never be able to afford one.
    Nice vid

  • Joel Alonso says:

    Did you get a Chrysler Me-four-twelve in this video? Or is not american?

  • HowYouSayOwned says:

    i love american cars. wouldnt fuck with anything else

  • James Whittle says:

    America is shit at making sports cars.

  • TheMagacarfan says:

    the owner John Delorean was american there four it’s american car, but he
    did not start his company in the U.S it was too match money for John
    Delorean so instead he went too ireland because it was cheap for him to
    make his facility, he went for cheap labor and look what happen. if it was
    cheap to start his company in the early 80’s in the U.S. then it would be a
    different story this is my opinion.

  • benwoo says:

    what is the first red car in the series?

  • CD33S3ent says:

    The Delorean DMC-12 isn’t american made. They were origionaly produced in
    ireland in the early 80’s. However since the owner died and the company
    went under, you can buy brand new delorean dmc-12s from houston tx. All the
    parts are left overs from the irish facility.

  • Kim Delarama says:

    And there’s no Ferrari

  • skcuhc l says:

    offroads coffee!

  • Kim Delarama says:

    That’s not a sports car sports car Los like v6 to 16 like Bugatti
    Lamborghini dodge charger srt8

  • bqbydrea says:

    Sa asa na cebu city o mandaue city


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