The first ALMS race at Mosport. Watch the 1999 Mosport Race Broadcast. The American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patron sports car racing returns to t…

14 Responses to 1999 Mosport Race Broadcast – ALMS – Tequila Patron – ESPN – Racing – Sports Cars

  • Tough Luck says:

    7:38 there you go for some Chocolat Milk advice

  • Daniel Z says:

    Thanks once again!

  • mauownage says:

    That Rafanelli Riley and Scott is just a monster.

  • Blame says:

    But…Canada isn’t America..

  • thomas elliott says:

    cool to see the track 14 years ago. It looks so much different now with the
    new tower. concrete on the outsides of turn 2, and 9 now as well.

  • Morten B Larsen says:

    Where is the 2 BMW V12 LMR?

  • acroracing says:

    Wow how boring was that womens panoz race..

  • Mac Korince says:

    Mosport is fantastic, I fell in love with racing at it, especially the
    ALMS. The new “updates” may have faded the character of it a bit, but it’s
    still an awesome track. I can’t wait to go once again next weekend, and I
    hope the USCR comes back well into the future.

  • Robert Pfeiffer says:

    Thanks guys for another excellent race! It’s amazing the transformation
    Mosport Park has gone through since this first ALMS race up there.

  • John J. Rambo says:

    Thanks a lot i’ve never seen the complete1999 season looks cool!

  • andrew gillis says:

    is anybody hearing this – this is insane – ear-splitting, shattering –
    sweet as can be

  • andrew gillis says:

    Yes or no – the Panoz success incl in Europe is the greatest NASCAR shop
    achievement, ever? This Yates engine build IMO much more demanding than any
    domestic use- even super speedway, which for Le Mans would serve as no more
    than a break-in for the valve train. Who was it prepped the Ruby/Foyt gt40

  • andrew gillis says:

    Bernard car at 41:00 leaves two black streaks down the hill left through
    turn 4 – then starting up backstraight, two more streaks of rubber WITH
    CHUNKS EJECTED and tumbling from back of Panoz – my word

  • Pan Damasque says:

    You are joking, right?


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