Choosing an annuity is an important decision because it determines your financial future. All of your life you work for your income and suddenly the ability to choose what you earn is taken out of your hands. However, you still have control of what kind of annuity you decide to have. This is an important decision and you should use the open market option (the right to shop around) to make sure that you make the very best decision for you and your money.

Viewing annuity quotes online can be very beneficial as you can get a greater outlook over what the market currently can offer you. The online tools allow you to type in your details and figure out how much a few extra years of work would impact your retirement plans and the amount of income you could receive through your annuity.

By searching for annuity quotes online you might realise that you are eligible for an enhanced annuity rate which your current pension provider did not make you aware of. You can receive an enhanced rate if you have a medical condition, employment history or other reason why your life expectancy might be shorter than the average person of your age. You can even get smoker annuity rates that are higher than the normal rates.

This allows the pension company to calculate an annuity which they estimate they do not have to pay out for you for as long as the average person. One example is if you live in a poorer area than the national average where life expectancy is lower.

Using the internet not only allows you to access more information on annuities but it also helps you to realise what other companies can offer you. Annuity contracts can be different and different providers, especially independent or  specialist providers, may be able to offer you a different type of contract to the average high street provider. For example, joint annuities have become popular lately as it allows partners to be included in the annuity. This offers peace of mind to many couples who want the other to be cared for when they die.

One pension company said, “We like to encourage our customers to use the open market to find competitive deals. This allows them to really become well informed on what the market can offer and gives them the security they need that their money is going into the right place.”

Want to use a free online annuity calculator? Visit for all your annuity needs. They are chartered financial planners and can offer you independent pension and retirement advice.

When you want to sell your cars, motor trading companies can help you much. It’s so easy to sell online just by providing some details about your car including registration, car’s condition, etc. Your personal details are also taken into account. You can expect a fair quote for your car. The process is simple and straightforward.


Are you thinking how can I sell my car when it desperately needs repairs? Despair no more! You can still sell your vehicle to esteemed motor trading companies. What’s more, they also buy MOT failures, non-runners and spanking new cars. You can expect quick, secure payments by bank transfer or cheque. These companies have a robust nation wide network to get you the most lucrative price possible. You can get in touch with them for a free quote. It is a great way to sell your vehicle. You can simply log on to the web and check for esteemed motor trading companies online. You can log on to their site and enter relevant information about your car. This includes your registration number, mileage, your personal information, etc.


If you are wondering how can I sell my car for cash when it is in such a pathetic state, you are in for some great news. You can still sell it and get a good price for it. Check for reliable motor trading companies online. One of the common ways these companies advertise themselves is by saying we buy any car. These companies have acquired a good reputation for themselves. Incidentally, it is advisable to provide a fair assessment of your car’s condition. Be honest about the condition of your car irrespective of how bad it is. Be fair in your evaluation and give the right details about your car. You can even upload images of your car. Try to upload as many images as possible. A picture definitely speaks a thousand words!


Stop thinking about who will buy my car and will I ever get a decent deal for it. The good news is that you can get the best deal online. You can get a free instant valuation and sell your car. All you need to do is enter your registration. Once you enter pertinent details about your car, your details will be reviewed and an email will be sent to you. You need to ‘confirm’ the acceptance offer and fix an appointment. Your car will be thoroughly inspected and evaluated. If you fail to provide truthful information about your car’s condition, the company has the right to amend the quote. So be honest and fair when providing details about your car’s condition online.


More and more people are checking with motor trading companies to sell their cars. You too can sell your car and have it valued online. It is far from a long, tedious process. Once your appointment is confirmed, you need to carry some documents with you. It includes proof of identity, vehicle log book, proof of address, etc.


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