Laptop DC Auto Car Battery Charger Power Adapter for HP Pavilion ze2000 tx2500z

This is a new AC power adapter and power cord designed not only to supply power to HP Pavilion ze2000 tx2500z, but also to charge HP Pavilion ze2000 tx2500z battery. 24 months replacement warranty. Fast shipping from NJ!

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Auto Car Black 11.5mm Hole Door Fender Plastic Rivets Screw Fasteners 100pcs

Rivet post pressure expands legs for fast and permanent fastening. Used widely for car fender, bumper, door or other car suface. Thread screw type, are made of the plastic material, fit 11.5mm diameter hole. California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Vatos RC Remote Control Cars Off Road High Speed 4WD 25MPH 1:24 Scale 50M Remote Control 30 Mins Playing Time 2.4GHz Electric Vehicle Buggy Truck (VL-BG1510C-W)
Warning:High Speed Car is not a normal toy, which is more suitable for children older than 8 Lithium battery:Includes 2 high cap…

LEGO Creator Set #30187 Fast Car [Bagged]
Ready…go! Race through the streets with the mini sports car complete with a rear spoiler!…

Fast Car
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Jada Toys Fast & Furious 1:64 Diecast Hauler Peterbilt 387 Car Carrier G, Black
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You’ve probably noticed that some drivers pay more than other drivers even if they drive the same model and year car. Most likely, you’ve noticed that the young pay higher premiums than the older, men then women.

Insurance companies look at a lot of statistics, then they look at which statistics apply to which driver. Basically, they’re looking to see which group, statistically, has the highest chance of making a claim, which has the second, the third, and so on.

They’ve noticed that men tend to have more driving accidents then women. That younger people, especially the under 25-year olds, tend to have accidents more often than older people. Single drivers tend to be more reckless than married ones. People who’ve bent or broken the law once might do it again more often than those who’ve never done so, and end up in an accident. People who drive more tend to have more accidents than those who drive less.

Then they look at the type of car you drive. Here’s a combination of statistics and other factors. Statistically, smaller cars tend to cost insurers more than bigger cars (they’re just not as safe, partially because there are bigger cars out there). Some cars tend to cost them more because the parts are expensive, older cars cost less. Some cars are stolen more often than others. Cars in some neighborhoods have greater chances of being stolen or vandalized.

When they’re done looking at all that stuff, they have a basis to judge how much to charge you for. Basically, they guess how much they’re going to have to pay in the coming year for the whole group you belong to, add their other costs, the profits they want to make, and then figure out how much they need to charge each individual in your group so they get all their pay outs, costs, and profit.

Some things you don’t control (you can’t just become a middle-aged woman just to get a lower premium and you can’t stop people all the vandalism and auto theft). However, a lot of the things they use to figure out how much premium to charge you are under your control. You do control:

· the car you’re going to buy

· whether you have anti-theft devices installed

· whether you drive drunk or not

· whether you make small claims or not

· and, to a certain degree at least, the neighborhood you live in

· and the deductible you are going to pay.

So, the next time you’re looking for auto insurance quotes, do your research. Until then don’t do any of the things that make you be perceived as high risk. And, of course, accept that you don’t control the things you do not control.

You should think about Chicago auto insurance rates when you move, before you sign the lease.  Because in many Chicago neighborhoods, a few blocks one way or another makes a difference.  That’s true for Chicago SR22 insurance rates, home insurance and any other kind of insurance rates.  If you save in rent but spend 0 extra on insurance, you’re not ahead financially, and you live in a worse place.


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