Nothin’ But Muscle

The Street Fighters True muscle cars make no apologies. They had one primary job: get the driver from Point A to Point B as fast as law, and the driver”s driving ability, would allow. They started off in the early 1960s as mid-size sedans and coupes stuffed with oversized engines – Bel Airs, Catalinas, and Tempests – and it wasn?t long before crazy hi-po machines came in all shapes in sizes. Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers, Chevelles, 4-4-2s, Gran Sports ? they all had one thing in common: big engines, and big performance. In Nothin? But Muscle, you”ll find 199 of the greatest American performance cars ever built. From the earliest 1964 GTO, to the Shelby-built muscle/racers of the late-?60s, to the ferocious Buicks of the 1980s and 500-plus-hp Viper and Corvette rocketships of today. Nothin? But Muscle brings you the most memorable and beloved pavement eaters ever seen on American soil.

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sports cars, the fastes,sleekest cars of all time, many american cars including COBRA and Corvette…

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